Special Needs


Blazing Mountain has many features to help accommodate those with disabilities, from the hearing-impaired to the movement-impaired. An elevator can take people from the second-floor shrine room to the first-floor entrance and dining hall, for those with mobility issues.

While there isn’t an elevator in the residence hall, we offer a limited number of wheelchair accessible lodging with ensuite bathrooms on the first floor as well as a public wheelchair accessible restroom.

However, Blazing Mountain is located in a rugged part of the country at a very high altitude. The path between our residence hall and our shrine room runs along the side of a hill and is unpaved and uneven. While we have made many efforts to make it as easy to traverse as possible, it is a reflection of the natural environment in which it resides and may prove challenging to some with mobility issues.  

If you are concerned about your needs being met, please reach out to our staff to get more information about how we might be able to accommodate you.