Auxiliary Rooms

In addition to the spacious Meditation Hall and stunning landscape, the Main Hall also includes facilities to support a variety of retreat requirements, including private quarters for program leaders, break-out rooms, and a functional business office.

Teacher’s Private Retreat Quarters

The private teacher’s quarters adjacent to the Meditation Hall are a wonderful space for teachers and retreat leaders to enjoy privacy, convene small meetings, and nourish themselves during retreat, with a kitchenette, a private bathroom including a shower, and access to the internet and telephone.

Break-Out Meeting Rooms

There are seven auxiliary meeting rooms located on the first floor of the Main Hall. Typically, these classrooms are used for discussion groups and break-out sessions during larger events. An additional lounge area provides a quiet resting/meeting room for participants. In addition to these rooms, a smaller private room is available upstairs. This space also makes a perfect healing room for massage and other modalities

Business Office

A private downstairs business office provides plenty of space for retreat coordinators to set up operations and conduct the business of retreat. Access to high-speed internet, telephone, fax, photocopier, and other business amenities make it possible to administer large retreats with ease, and provides a point of access for participants to communicate easily with the outside world.