The Blazing Mountain Retreat Center has everything needed to support communities in deepening practice through extended residential retreat. Our residence hall facilities can support 110 persons for extended retreat and can accommodate a variety of special needs.

Special Diet Kitchen (shown above)

While our kitchen goes to great lengths to ensure a healthy, allergy-free diet, we do recognize that it is sometimes medically neccesary for participants to prepare their own food. To meet this need, there is a Special Diet kitchen located on the lower level of the residence hall with everything needed to prepare food for a small number of people.

Laundry Service

Generally, we turn the linens at the end of each week, unless otherwise requested by participants. We also offer laundry service for longer residential retreats over one week. Participants are charged per laundry bag (provided) and are responsible for folding clean laundry upon return.

Wireless Internet

The residence hall has high-speed (5mbps), password-protected, wireless internet throughout the facility. We do encourage participants to ‘unplug’ while on deep retreat, but we also understand that this is not always possible, especially for longer retreats.